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Merry Christmas! MMOJUGG have a great gift for you!

Merry Christmas! MMOJUGG have a great gift for you! 

The day is the great day make Azeroth much beautiful and peaceful, give us a chance to relax in this continued fighting world. We can take it slow and check out our weapon and arms.

At this special week, you can enjoy big discount for buying cheap, and fast deliver wow gold!

Enhance your equipment and boost yourself for the raid!

This special offer is time limited, only last for a week!

Merry Christmas greetings and best wishes!

For the Christmas Day, we’re very excited to announce that our Black Friday Special Offer is now available online and sets valid from 18th December 0:00(EDT)until 26th December 24:00 (EDT), 2020.

Here is how to join the revelry: 

BUY $0-$49.99  get 2% off

BUY $50-$199.99 get  3% off

BUY $200-$499.99 get 4% off

BUY OVER $500 get 5% off

*Member's policy in each kind of activity is effective!!!

(example: 5%off with membership offer + 5%off halloween offer, it's 10%OFF!!!)

US server : https://www.mmojugg.com/wow-classic-gold

EU server : https://www.mmojugg.com/wow-classic-gold-eu

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